What does a cheap car clean really cost you?


We get calls daily from people with spider webbing/holograms on their paintwork not to mention RDS (random deep scratches) from side of the road car washes. These not only detract from the visual glory of your car but leave your car more susceptible to the contamination.

This is something we are highly trained to resolve and our sister company offers concours paint correction if that is what you wish to achieve – they are proud of this as this is something only a handful of companies can achieve.

Many people when buying a new vehicle (or new to them) invest in having sealant or wax applied to protect their car during the seasons. This is a great idea, but did you know a cheap car cash will generally use cheap (caustic) products to keep the price down and the cleaning effective. This dramatically reduces the life of the sealants and waxes – some will be instantly removed leaving your car open to attack but all the elements.

By this shouldn’t really be needed if you maintain your vehicle correctly, for as little as £25.00 you can have myself or one of the crystal team visit your home or work to keep on top of the dirt build up leaving you the chance to just enjoy your spare time.