We offer the perfect Paint Protection Film (Ppf) Correct and Protect Ceramic Coating Package for your car. Contact us today for more information.

Porsche 991 2 GT3 Paint Protection

Porsche 991 2 GT3 Paint Protection

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What’s included

  • 3 bucket hot safe wash to warm up the Ppf helping it to self heal
  • A decontamination of the films surface
  • A thorough wheel, arch & Engine clean
  • (Wheels of detail & Re-coat option available)
  • Wheels Coated
  • All glass polished & Coated
  • All interior cleaned & Coated
  • All PPF steamed to self heal defect
  • All PPF ceramic coated and cured over night
  • Morning of collect a spray transport coat is applied
  • Fully wrapped cars from £600 plus vat
  • Free loan car available

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