Cambridge Concours Detailing Services

Our Detailing packages and services have grown and evolved over the past decade as we learn more about the industry each year. Not only do products and accessories regularly change and get better but car paint is being sprayed on thinner, leather trims change to part vinyl & leather & so on.

That is why in our workshops we have different machine polishers for different cars, different cleaners for different manufactures and a range of cloth’s for a range of different clear coats we may come up against. We’ve created a small amount of services as a guide line but it is very difficult to generalise a service when talking about detailing so we prefer to tailor each package to each customer.


The Concours Detail

This is for the customer that wants true perfection and the Ultimate in paint protection. All information about the car is documented throughout and the car is brought back to if former glory or enhanced from new!


Paint Enhancement

Enhancing paintwork can make you fall back in love with a once loved car. It allows the pigment to become more apparent and there for appear more consistent and even. Make your car new again and enhance your paint today!


Paint Correction

Paint correction is achieved using machine polishing and premium compounds. Wet sanding allows deep scratches and surface imperfections in your cars lacquer to be removed leaving it like polished glass.

Our mission is to help educate the public on detailing. We want everyone to know that a car can be brought back from the dead and in fact when you’ve stopped loving your car it just because it needs detailing and nothing more. We want people to know what a cheap hand car wash really costs you. The cost of ongoing detailing due to hand car wash damage verses monthly maintenance detailing leaves your car looking better longer while making you a saving. We want everyone to protect their cars from new with the right protection then maintain it correctly throughout its life to keep it always looking like new!
Do the job right first time, make sure all details of the service are checked before we commence work & aim to over achieve on each job so that every customer becomes a lifelong patron of Cambridge Concours Ltd.
Trust us, spend the time & the money and we’ll give you the dream. We promise to give you the time we agree and more to make sure when you return your car will give you back the wow factor. We’ll make the whole process as easy and hassle free as possible as we can, if necessary we’ll even travel to you even though for best results we’d recommend coming to our custom workshop. We’ll give you a report at the end which can also be requested in writing for your records to advise you of the history of the car based on what we found on our travels round your car. Mainly we promise to give you the best service possible!