Leather Care Specialists

We offer a range of Leather Repair Services and Maintenance Packages designed to meet your needs.

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Leather Re-colouring

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Leather Re-nourishing

Leather repair to porsche targa seat

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Leather Repair

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Leather Cleaning

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Leather Protection

Our leather services offer the ultimate is luxury leather conolising & trimming. These are also available mobile for some repairs and with over a 2 million in insurance indemnity for dealership work we are the obvious choice for your interior solutions.

If you’d like a complete leather interior brought back to life on a daily drive or classic/super car and maybe a weekend runner then we can come to you if you have a workshop or garage.

Alternatively we can arrange to get you to our unit to carry out our services there.We can replace previous repairs, or just fill and paint a faded and cracked interior.We’ve worked with intricate and ruched leather to achieve the highest standard of repair and restoration.

For smaller repairs we can offer a list of our trainee’s for your local area.Custom piping repair, gear stick gators or even luxury head linings or carpeting can all be repaired using concours repair products or techniques.

Call or email today for a custom assessment and quotation.