Gloss Enhancement Package 1

Our gloss enhancement detail will restore depth to your vehicles paintwork. The car is snowfoamed, 2 bucket washed using a premium shampoo. Then we clay the paintwork & glass to remove contamination before single stage machine polishing. Some light damage will be removed with the this service but mainly it is there to restore your paint gloss. Glass sealant is applied at the end of this package.

This package includes a full machine polish using a premium show glaze to hide and fill imperfection and then we lock the glazed finish in using a premium wax or finishing coat.

From £300.00+VAT

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What’s included

  • Thorough snowfoam
  • 2 bucket wash
  • Wheels treated with iron remover
  • Full clay bar
  • Gtechniq fallout removal
  • Exhaust Polish
  • Exterior Machine Polish to remove light marring and enhance gloss
  • Glass is cleaned
  • Gtechniq C2V3 coating
  • Dodo Juice Hybrid Wax coat
  • Gtechniq G5 Glass Hydrophobic coating
  • Tyres Dressed
  • Trim Dressed

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