• Enhancement Detailing
  • Enhancement Detailing

Enhancement Detail
Does your paint work look flat & tired?

This is one of our most popular services and takes around 2/3 days. This removes RDS (random deep scratches) and imperfection that are much deeper than swirl marks given you a consistent finish with depth of gloss.

We check the whole car under LED lighting after we have washed it to get an idea of it’s life up until it has entered our workshop, often we’ll identify old repairs, paint thinning & previous polishing marks that we need to focus on when detailing the paintwork.

This is achieved using wet sanding techniques by machine including paint depth measuring before and after. This takes around 20 hours and is finished as standard with a wax or paste sealant, glass & wheels are treated with ceramic sealant. Upgraded ceramic sealants are available.

From £699+VAT

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What’s included

  • Thorough snow foam
  • 2 bucket wash
  • Wheels treated with iron remover
  • Full clay bar
  • Gtechniq fallout removal
  • Exhaust Polish
  • Exterior Machine polished in multiple stages to remove some random deep scratches, paint surface defects, swirls and marring
  • Glass polish
  • Gtechniq C2V3 coating
  • Coat of Hybrid Wax or single coat ceramic by Gtehcniq or Gyeon
  • Gtechniq G5 Glass Hydrophobic coating
  • Tyres Dressed
  • Trim Dressed
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Swirl removal package

If this sounds like its a little more than you are looking for then maybe check out our swirl removal package!
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