Leather Repair Specialists

Our leather repair service can resolve such issues as repair to seat stitching, cigarette burn repair, leather cracking and seat rips, leather tears, discolouration & staining.

If a repair has already been attempted this will generally need to be removed first and therefore will add an additional cost to the service. We use strong primer’s before applying the colour coat and a state of the art top coats to protect the seat dye so it can be cleaned as normal in the future.

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Interior Leather Repair & Care

There are many systems on the market such as LTT Leather, Colourlock, Furniture Clinic to name a few. But in our experience FENICE Leather System is superior for Automotive and Aviation particularly. Our aviation range of conolising products are now covered by Certificate of conformity.

Leather Re-colouring Specialists

Leather colour over time can fade or commonly scuff leaving it looking aged and worn.

Luckily with our leather recolouring service this is no longer a problem. Dye is applied to any faded or damage areas to replace the missing pigment and therefore renewing the appearance of the seat or trim. This technique can be applied to car seats, car trim, centre consoles, dashboards, gloveboxes or even plastic trims too.


Leather Re-conolising Specialists

Leather reconolising came from one of the founders of leather trimming & repairs the Connolly Brothers. It has grown and improved over the years now offering filling agents that expand and move with the leather so as not to crack.

It enables us to replace the leather grain when holes appear. Now scratches, tears & even complete colour changes are all within reach. Strong primers are applied first to make the repair last the test of time. If an area has been repaired before the old repair must be removed first before a new repair can be carried out.

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