Machine Polishing (mopping) or paint correction as commonly known is one of the most effective ways of reviving dull paint, removing severe and minor scratches.

It can be used to remove swirl marks or spider webbing and enhancing gloss and depth of shine back to factory finish or better depending on the budget. Any metal body cars have their paint and lacquer measured to try and help us understand the life of the car prior to work commencing. If a car has had filler applied after an accident or an area has been over polished whilst removing scratches then we’ll locate it before we start the project. Darker cars if subjected to hand cash washes or valet centre’s regularly become dull, and often black cars will become greyer or browner as a result of product damage and poor wash techniques, this can be eradicated through the wonder that is machine polishing. Machine Polishing removes fractions of a micro from the lacquer layer that houses the surface damage and therefore leaving it smooth and free of defects.

  • Austin Healey Sprite

Single stage

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Two stage

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Multi stage

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