Ceramic Coatings Bishops Stortford UK.

When looking for ceramic coatings in Bishops Stortford, Ware, Hertford, Cambridge, Stansted, Great Dunmow and many other surrounding area’s look no further.

We have installed coatings and sealants for almost 20 years, working with the worlds leading brands such as Gyeon, Modesta, Gtechniq & Opticoat.

All of these coatings vary in application and durability but all are worth having.

After an enhancement detail these coatings lock in the finish.

This leaves a semi permanent shine and make the car take much longer to get dirty and only a fraction of the time to then clean.

Maintenance is key but follow simple guidance like the two bucket method, water filter where possible and just jet off as much dirt and grime as possible before you first touch the car.

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Ferrari f40 detailing

Ferrari f40 detailing

This Ferrari F40 has been a long term project that has come back stage by stage for different aspects of detailing and restoration.

The final parts are being fully detailing and ceramic coated next year ready for show season 2022.

We’ve been lucky enough to have this and two Ferrari 355’s booked in all to be prepared ready for spring, great projects and great compliment to be asked to be involved in them all.

A range of Leather conolising, leather upholstery and trimming, paint protection, ppf paint protection film, ceramic coatings and car detailing are going to leave these 3 Italian beauties ready to win some of the most exclusive shows on the calendar.