Paint Protection Film (PPF) Ceramic coating detail.

With PPF (Paint Protection Film) becoming since a big thing is the past few years now there is ceramic coatings to help keep them at their best.

Some of the latest Ppf’s come with a coating installed from factory but many don’t.

And as those factory coatings fade like with normal ceramic coatings they need refreshing years down the line.

So our new service for 2023 offers just that.

This way if you buy a used car with Ppf on it, or you just plan to keep the car you’ve owned from new for a long time then this e=service is for you.

Included in this service is:

  • 3 bucket hot safe wash to warm up the Ppf helping it to self heal
  • A decontamination of the films surface
  • A thorough wheel, arch & Engine clean
  • (Wheels of detail & Re-coat option available)
  • Wheels Coated
  • All glass polished & Coated
  • All interior cleaned & Coated
  • All PPF steamed to self heal defect
  • All PPF ceramic coated and cured over night
  • Morning of collect a spray transport coat is applied
  • Fully wrapped cars from £600 plus vat
  • Free loan car available
Porsche 991 2 GT3 Paint Protection

Porsche 991 2 GT3 Paint Protection