Ceramic Coatings Protection Stansted.

We have seen a growing demand in the past few years for Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings.

Now where demand heavily out weighs availability people are keeping their old cars or buying used and restoring to new.

We are regularly taking older cars that have suffered a car wash life back to better than new.

Restoring wheels, removing dents, painting bumpers, repairing interiors and machine polishing scratching from paintwork.

Once these are complete a 3 layer heat cured ceramic coating package is applied to the bodywork.

Then all the glass, the wheels, brake callipers, the lights and the interior are coated too.

Then with 5 or 9 years warranty your car is better than the day you collected it without the hassle of selling and buying a vehicle.

Maintenance plans can be put in place and courses are available to help you maintain your freshly restored car yourself.

Contact us today to find out more or come in and see it for yourself?

Aston martin ceramic coatings

Aston martin ceramic coatings