Over 10 years of Machine Polishing saw the launch of the Ultimate Concours Detail.


Machine Polishing, Paint Correction or Body work Re-finishing depending on what you know it as has been a large percentage of our daily detailing services at Cambridge Concours for many years now.

Whether its a standard Clay bar & machine polish valet/detail or a two day hologram & swirl removal package the same level of care & attention to detail goes into each vehicle regardless.

Each vehicle is checked in yellow light, artificial daylight and then real daylight to ensure clarity & consistency of the paintworks finish.

After each of our premium paint correction packages we apply a premium or luxury coating a lot of the time it will depend if the car will be garaged for most of its life or if its just a luxury daily drive to work coating is applied.

We heat cure our coatings with heat stands to ensure maximum durability.

We do a lot of paint preparation for surface prior to paint protection film applications such as Suntek Paint Protection film, 3M Ventureshield Paint Protection Film & Xpel Paint protection film.

Ceramic paint protection coatings & Ppf (paint protection film) apply best to clean untreated lacquers (clearcoats) and every car should really be fully paint corrected before having either of these products applied.

This is not only for depth and clarity of the paintworks gloss and overall finish but so the Ppf (Paint Protection Film) or ceramic paint coating makes a strong bond to give it maximum durability.

Different manufacturers upon occasion will require different Ceramic Coatings to be applied. This is to deal with soft and hard clearcoats. Some are incredibly difficult to prepare if they are ceramic based lacquers where as others are far to soft and sticky and require a much different application process.


Over 10 years of Machine Polishing saw the launch of the Ultimate Concours Detail

Ultimate Concours Detail