After working in and around body-shops in Cambridge & Bishops Stortford over the past 16 years we were amazed to find the amount of people arriving to pay over the odds for body-shop services.

Many that were resolvable with simply car detailing solutions.

Most car scratch repairs, bird dropping marks, leather repairs, stone chips & many other car paint damage is easily rectifiable by car detailers.

Car body-shop technicians tend to have larger paint jobs and overheads to worry about, making them slower and more expensive on many occasions.

Not only that, but one of the main roles as a car detailer is machine polishing and fine finishing, therefore the overall result from car detailing company would tend to be a higher gloss and longer lasting finish because of the time taken.

Cambridge & Bishops Stortford have many smart repair companies as well and body-shop offering quick solutions to the types of damage shown above.

But due to there increased costs can be much more expensive than a detailer in your local area.

Much of the surface damage we saw coming through the door to be painted could’ve easily been removed by wet sanding and machine polishing.

This would’ve been at a lesser cost and without putting unnecessary paint on the car.

Our body-shop & car detailing centre Near Saffron Walden & Stansted just outside of bishops Stortford and offers the ultimate in detailing services and finishing services.

Courtesy cars available and free quotations.

If there is anything that requires paint we do offer third party PDR paintless dent removal services as well as smart repairs, alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment and body-shops resprays where needed.

car scratch repairs

car scratch repairs