Looking to retrain? Want to turn a hobby into a new career? Then call us today to learn Leather Care & Repair, Paint Finishing & Car Detailing

With the way the world currently is we are getting approached more and more to share our skills we have accrued over a lifetime.

We haven’t focused on training much over the last few years due to the success of our workshops, we just haven’t had the spare time to run regular training.

But with this increased interest and the expansion of our facilities we’ve decide to launch a new Certification/Accreditation.

3 people per class cover 5 days of:

  1. Leather care & Repair
  2. Car Detailing Processes
  3. Products Knowledge
  4. Health & Safety
  5. Do’s & Don’ts
  6. Paint Prep & Finishing
  7. Understanding Machine Polishing basics all the way to advanced finishing skills
  8. Ceramic Coatings, Polishes & Waxes
  9. Wet sanding
  10. Paint Reading
  11. Identifying The right product for the right client

The certificate you receive on completion comes branded with all our certifications and partner business such as:

  1. Gtechniq
  2. Gyeon
  3. Guide of Leather Craftsmen
  4. IMI
  5. IDA
  6. PVD

Once trained after care is all art of this process.

From equipment, pricing, website & Socials we offer of guidance on all you need to succeed.

Mobile leather car seat repair courses

Mobile leather car seat repair courses

Machine Polishing Cambridge

Machine Polishing Cambridge