Rolls Royce Dawn Detailing & Conolising.

This Beautiful Rolls Royce Dawn came in in need of some love to bring it back to life.

After the rear bumper was removed to repaint after a light impact then it was on to the rest.

A renovo hood care package was performed to  revive and re-waterproof the convertible roof.

Then a full paint enhance by machine polishing to remove the surface defects before apply 3 layers of Gtechniq Ultra & Exo coatings which were then heat cured with infrared.

Finally the wheels, interior, all glass and lights are also coated to add ceramic protection.

The passenger rear wheel had had a fight with a curb recently so required a power coat with shadow chrome to restore that one before coating.

The bright work required some serious polishing to correct and enhance the shine but it really worked.

The drivers seat needed some leather repairs (conolising) to make new again, after colour matching and repairing the seat this car rolled out looking fantastic with a very happy owner.