After the interest in our open days and leather repair courses we have now created a new one day intermediate detailing maintenance workshop.

Detailing Maintenance Day – From £250 – 2 or 3 per course

Having your car detailed is a treat and can also be a way to restore or protect your daily drive or classic car.

But unless you spend regular monthly amounts on having a valeting & detailing company maintain your car afterwards then it may have all just been in vein.

Why not join us for a day of ‘Tricks of the Trade’ revealed!!!

We’ll help you understand the discipline needed to achieve a regular consistently flawless finish after every wash.

As a vehicle loses its gloss and becomes dull and lack lustre it is general as a result of poor product usage, many layers of micro scratching, marring & poor wash techniques.

We will show you the ways to reduce all these potential hazards as well as the best ways to protect your car and the products and accessories to do it with.

You’ll learn the following:

  • Snowfoam contactless wash
  • The 2 bucket method with grit guards
  • Suggested accessories for the best job
  • Product do’s & don’t
  • Clay Barring for removing contaminants
  • Using degreasers
  • Alloy wheel detailing
  • Polish Application
  • Wax application
  • Drying aids & techniques
  • Minor scratch removal
  • External trim dressing
  • Applying glass protection
  • Quick detailer top ups

To join us for the course just call or email today for further info.

0800 032 2918 or

Car Detailing Workshops & Courses Cambridge & Essex

Car Detailing Workshops & Courses Cambridge & Essex