Mobile Car Detailing in Cambridge & Essex!

Due to the technical nature of the car detailing & restoration we carry out at Cambridge Concours it has always been important that our services are undertaken in a facility prepared for just that.

To offering premium leather & interior restoration aswell as concours paint detailing we needed to install infra red heat stands, multiple lighting options for quality checking, Room temperature control units & paint temperature gauges.

This way when we raise the car up to check each panel is concours quality before applying liquid ceramic coatings to protect it  we are sure it is at it’s best.

Ceramic coatings over waxes require a lot more preparation and skill to apply as the only way to remove a heat cured coating is with sandpaper if you were to apply it incorrectly.

But we had noticed a demand for Mobile car detailing emerging as the industry started to grow.

Generally mobile car detailing has always been for maintenance work & machine polishing that is carried out over one day rather than in-depth restorations available at a facility, but the options that can now be available mobile by one of our approved representatives are as follows:

  • Mobile Machine Polishing
  • Mobile Car detailing top ups
  • Mobile Leather touch in’s
  • Mobile paint correction
  • Mobile cabriolet roof detail
  • Mobile protection details
  • Mobile wax application
  • Mobile Opaque wax application for matte paint finishes
  • Mobile paint protection
  • Mobile leather repair
  • Mobile Aviation detailing services
  • Mobile Smart fabric coatings