Lamborghini Detailing & Gtechniq Paint Protection.

When we were approached to take on this project we jumped at the opportunity.

The Lamborghini Huracan had been wrapped in Matte black.

Then the wheels and callipers had been painted and the windows tinted.

This detracted from the original beauty and is why the new owner got it at a discounted rate.

We quickly got to removing the wrap carefully, hoping not to find any damaged paint below.

Lamborghini wrap removal

Lamborghini wrap removal

Luckily the paint was fine, we powder coated the wheels back to the original finish.

Then removed the tints and cleaned up the glass.

The leather drivers seat scuffing was repaired too.

Finally it received a full clay bar and machine polish enhancement detail.

The bodywork, wheels, callipers, glass and interior were coated in Gtechniq ceramic coatings.

And then heat cured with infrared to cure.

It left us with one very happy customer.

Lamborghini Gtechniq Detailing

Lamborghini Gtechniq Detailing