If you’ve ever wondered where you’d begin when it comes to detailing your own car then worry no more.

As the detailing industry grows world wide as does the want for knowledge. The demand for training grows as customers want the knowledge of how to clean their car with out ruining the finish they paid hundreds of pounds to achieve in the first place.

Our courses offer knowledge in interior detailing teaching you how to maintain nappa & crema leather hides without compromising the delicate finishes, paint refinishing (mopping or machine polishing), sealant application, maintenance detailing processes, contactless pre-wash techniques & leather restoration.

Our maintenance detailing courses lasts one day with 2 per class at £300.00 per day, during the class you will be taught to detail your own car so that when you leave your car has received a protection detail with the worlds finest products and you will be ready for when it needs a top up next.


detaling courses london - cambridge - hertfordshire - essex

detaling courses london – cambridge – hertfordshire – essex