Ceramic Coatings & Paint Protection Bishops Stortford, Stansted & Essex.

Are you looking for paint protection for your pride and joy?

We use the world leading ceramic coatings by Gtechniq.

After spending almost two decades offering various coatings as they have evolved we decided to do our own durability tests.

Gtechniq as an entire range and with the back end support and warranty system have proven to offer the best products we have used.

With up to 9 years of inclusive warranty the money you spend is protected and well spent.

Not only do ceramic coatings enhance your paints gloss but they also protect against the aging process too.

The car will take longer to get dirty and a fraction of the time to clean moving forward.

This is why everyone loves a ceramic coating.

We offer maintenance courses to learn how to look after it moving forward if you are cautious or unsure.

Mclaren Cambridge & Essex

Mclaren Cambridge & Essex

Gtechniq ceramic coatings

Gtechniq ceramic coatings