At Cambridge Concours we’ve spent over a decade understanding and learning aspects of the automotive industry, and we are still learning now! We will be learning until we retire as products and customer requirements change daily, therefore to keep up to date we train and practise constantly based on how the industry evolves.

Detailing has become more open and therefore more popular especially over the past 5 years so we have decided to train those who wish to learn passing on our yesterday of do’s and don’t bringing a new age of trained enthusiasts and junior valeters & detailers.


Our Car Detailing Workshops & Training at our facility in Essex as well as our now mobile trade only courses in:

  • Maintenance detailing (how to detail your own car in a day)
  • Introduction to Valeting & Detailing
  • Leather Care & Minor repair
  • Expert Leather repairs, recolouring & customising
  • Master Detailer Training over 3/5 days
  • 1 day machine polishing and paint detailing

Maintenance detailing course covers:

  • Snow foaming
  • Contamination removal
  • A thorough and safe wash process
  • Two bucket method
  • Product knowledge – What works together and what maybe doesn’t
  • Drying aids
  • Drying techniques – reducing effort and potential light surface damage
  • Clay Barring do’s & don’ts
  • Polish application
  • Wax Application
  • Quick Sealant application
  • From £300


Introduction to valeting & detailing covers:

  • The how to wash a car formula
  • What you’d need when starting a small business or a serious hobble
  • The difference between valeting and detailing
  • The essential basics for every job
  • There is a product for each phase, don’t believe everything you read about ‘general cleaners’
  • where valeting becomes detailing
  • the essential list of hardware you need to do it right
  • From £300


Leather care & minor repair covers:

  • How to clean leather properly
  • The difference between leather types
  • How to spot vinyl
  • The differences between vinyl and leather repairs
  • Adding a leather protection product
  • Feeding leather
  • How to tell if there’s an old repair when cleaning before its too late
  • Scuff and scratch repair
  • From £300


Expert Leather repairs, recolouring & customising course offers:

  • Cigarette burn repair
  • Tear repair
  • Repairing damaged piping
  • Minor stitching
  • Colour changes
  • Invisible local repairs within a seat
  • Texturizing
  • Hiding damage
  • Colour mixing and matching
  • Touch in’ and full restores
  • Full Finishing
  • From £600/£800


Master Detailer Training over 3/5 days course offers:

  • Full day covering maintenance/wash skills & preparation for detailing
  • Full day on leather & interior care & treatments
  • Full day of Machine Polishing & Wet Sanding
  • Full day of Leather repairs
  • Full day of finishing, coatings, handover and follow up
  • From £900/£1500


1 day machine polishing and paint detailing course offers:

  • Pads/compounds and maintenance of them all
  • Learning the signs of when things are about to go wrong
  • Do’s & Don’t
  • Paint Measuring
  • Refinishing
  • Stages of correction
  • IPA clean down ready to treat
  • From £300
    Fenice Cambridge Concours

    Fenice Cambridge Concours

    Car detailing courses and workshops

    Car detailing courses and workshops

    Car detailing courses and workshops

    Car detailing courses and workshops