Welcome to Cambridge Conours Ltd Training Academy in the UK.

We are now an Approved training & assessment centre for the Professional Detailers & Valeters Association.

As a long term PVD member and now Board member for the group we offer targeted and approved courses in line with the most popular products and services in the industry to date.

In 2018 we launch our new introduction to detailing morning course 9-1 at just £40.00 per head (classes of 10).

Introduction to fashion product repair like bags and shoes using micro airbrush techniques making small local repairs much easier joins our list of popular courses too.

Finally our newest course is for everyone, whether you already have you own business or are planning too or maybe are just a regular hobbyist then this may help, Our Health & Safety Assessment course looks at the way you physically work, your equipment, your unit or garage set up and from there we write an assessment advising you on ways in which you and your staff can be working safer and by causing your bodies less long term damage.

From working in this industry for 20 years and having severely suffered through poor practices like not having mobile chairs and stools for machine polishing & cleaning matts on the floor multiple times a day i now offer to help you learn from my mistakes so you and your staff can live a more pain free life than i have and still enjoy your job and hobbies.

This is NOT a government approved H&S certification just a list of do’s and don’t i have collated from my career.

From an employers point of view if you have staff that have a sole role in your business and they have to go home sick for weeks or months on ed due to bad backs and fatigue then this will cost you in many ways from sick pay to loss of work and contracts, we talk from experience so call us today to get your unit and techniques assessed.

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Leather Repair Training Courses

Leather Repair Training Courses