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Protection Detail

  • Vehicle is jet rinsed off to remove dirt
  • Wheels are cleaned using a acid free wheel cleaner
  • Hand wash vehicle using shampoo conditioner (2 bucket method with grit guards)
  • Contaminants are removed using fine detailing of clay bar
  • Vehicle has a final rinse
  • Dried off using an Orange Plush Dodo Towel
  • Car is clay barred to remove contaminants
  • Polish & buff glass
  • Light machine polish to enhance gloss
  • The car is pre wax cleansed with pre-wax cleanser
  • Pre wax cleanser is buffed off
  • Carnauba wax or sealant is applied
  • Buff off to a mirror finish
  • Tyres are dressed
  • Inner archers are dressed
  • All chrome and exhaust trims are polished and buffed
  • All plastic trims are dressed

From £300.00