Bacon, Car & Coffee Morning

We launched our bacon, car and coffee charity morning in 2018 for various reasons.

The main reasons were to raise money for charity, be around on Sundays so people that work all week have a chance to pop in for a quotation, and for fun!

Its great to sit around chatting to like minded motor heads, admiring each others cars and generally starting the morning in a positive way.

We have people now popping in from up to 2 hours away on a regular basis just to see what it is we do at Cambridge Concours.

Leather Repair & Paint Protection always seeming to be of most interest.

We aren’t here just to try to sell you products (even though we hope to have a small range of aftercare products on sale at some stage soon) , accessories or anything really its just a chance for you to come and meet the team and see our facility.

We are launching our bi-monthly Car Wash Tutorial to teach every day people how to wash their car safely and effectively, this is an entry level course for those that think a new sponge from your local garage and the mop bucket is an ok way to clean your new car!!!!

So many people pay for these new protection packages and are then to scared to wash their car afterwards, this is where our tutorial morning will help.

It is not about you spending a fortune of products and accessories it is just learning the best way to achieve a good finish, causing the least amount of surface defects in the least time so you can enjoy the rest of you weekend.

For further info email us here.