This gorgeous Mercedes Pagoda came to us for some interior colonising to brighten it up for the summer.

After assessing it further like with so many classic cars the door cards had perished, this is often from moisture.

The drivers seat had also suffered so a plan was started to replace that too.

The seats only come from a handful of people in the UK at an inflated price.

The vinyl they’re made from is unique in its print pattern so is difficult to copy.

So we tracked down some basket weave in that pattern but it was only available in black.

So we identified the original colour found inside a seem and colour matched the vinyl.

After making the leather strips that separate the flutes and perforating the hole just over an inch apart we made a copy base and coloured it to match.

After a lot more conolising of the dash and other trim to match everything the customer agreed to go for our premium paint finishing package to finish her off.

When he walked through the door his words were “You’ve transformed my car”.

When it came in i felt sorry for it, when it left i missed it, often the way.

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Mercedes Pagoda Interior Restoration

Mercedes Pagoda Interior Restoration