Time to check out this E-type Jaguar Interior Upholstery,Trimming & Refit project from Cambridge Concours!

We were approached by an existing customer to re-trim this beautiful series 2 FHC E-type Jaguar from 1967.

The fixed head coupe comes with some interesting upholstery issues due to its low roof, difficult headlining install and as a result tough can-trails that fit around the edges of the roof inside.

Six months of planning, choosing colours and material with the client followed by 3 months of building the interior ended with 3 of us fitting it over 3 weeks.

Lots of wire brushing, gluing, machining & bright work polishing took place before it was gently re-assembled to create the stunning overall finish you’ll see in the pictures below.

Each car is different and comes with its own challenges and you never know what you might find when an interior is removed, with this car when removing the drivers seat covers we found a shopping bag from a 7-11 in long beach from when the car was previous trimmed in america, great part to a great story!

Classic Jaguars are appreciating and a new interior really makes the difference when it comes to the overall look of the car.

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E-type Jaguar Series 2 FHC 1967 Interior re-fit

E-type Jaguar Series 2 FHC 1967 Interior re-fit