Advance Detailing

Starting from:
£300.00 per head (class of three)
£450.00 per head (class of Two)
£800.00 (one to one)

Reading about techniques and other people’s opinions online about various areas of valeting & detailing is great and can really help you get started on a possible career path or just an awesome hobby. But there’s nothing like getting hands on with the right equipment and products and having the opportunity to make controlled mistakes when it doesn’t matter.

On our detailer courses we’ll show you how to machine polish, clay bar, remove scratches, wet sand, leather cleaning, leather treatments, leather small scuff repair, fabric cleaning techniques, decontaminating painted surfaces, the two bucket method, the difference between applicators & accessories like microfibre wash mitts & lamb’s wool wash mitts, drying towels & other drying aids & anything you may like clarification on.

Loyalty discounts can apply to PVD Pro-valet members & Some owners club members.

After taking part in one of our courses you are automatically added to our trade account database to receive reductions on our leather repair & detailing product range as well as our accessory & clothing too!

  • Machine polishing
  • Wet sanding
  • Clay barring
  • Two bucket method
  • Leather cleaning
  • Leather scuff repair
  • Leather treatments
  • Fabric cleaning
  • Scratch repair
  • Product knowledge
  • Health and Safety
  • Do’s and Dont’s
  • Snow foaming