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1 Day Enhancement Detail

Our Hologram & Swirl Removal Detail will transform your car!

Almost every car from 6 months old will have holograms and swirl marks from washing and day to day contaminants.This can be resolved generally with a single stage polish using a fine abrasive premium compound on a variety of machine polishers.

This takes around 10 hours and is finished as standard with a luxury wax or paste sealant as well as glass & wheel sealant. Upgraded ceramic sealants are available.

Included within this package is:

  • Thorough snowfoam
  • 2 bucket wash
  • Wheels treated with iron remover
  • Full clay bar
  • Gtechniq fallout removal
  • Exhaust Polish
  • Exterior Machine Polish to remove swirls and light defects
  • Glass polish
  • Gtechniq C2V3 coating
  • Dodo Juice Hybrid Wax coats x 2
  • Gtechniq G5 Glass Hydrophobic coating
  • Tyres Dressed
  • Trim Dressed

From £450.00

  • Paint Correction
  • Paint Protection
  • Coatings & Sealants
  • Leather Cleaning
  • Leather Re-nourishing
  • Leather Protection
  • Leather Repair
  • Leather Re-colouring
  • Leather Re-conolising